Bunny Stamped, Chemical-free, and Good for the Earth

Posted by Cyndi Wojo on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 Under: Household Cleaners, Soaps, and Stuff
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My mother battled breast cancer, and the odd thing is that my family does not have any history of breast cancer or any cancer. After researching about chemicals in everyday products, I've decided to change what we use at home to be chemical free, good for the earth, and no animal products or testing.

One of our favorites is the Method Bathroom Cleaner. It cleans well and smells great. Good ole lemon is great for sinks and baking soda and vinegar is great for tubs. Please try out a small area before applying it to your entire tub. Tubs are not created equal, so check first. 

For shampoos and conditioner, I use ALBA Botanica. It's smells great and makes my hair soft and shiny. I use their face sunscreen. When you eat foods that are good for your skin and body, you don't have to rely so much on expensive creams and beauty treatments. Good old sunblock is what you need and a night cream. Of course, gotta drink plenty of water and get a good night's rest. Occasional beauty rest is a treat and every busy mom should get! I use Seventh Generation body wash. It has a mild scent and makes my skin soft and supple. 


In : Household Cleaners, Soaps, and Stuff 

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